Why your age is not an excuse?

Everyone has a dream, but only a few live it. Today, we'll be reading about one such inspirational story. A story that proves that no matter how many dreams you have or your age, you can still achieve and live them. Today we will read the story of Preeti Gosain.

Preeti loves her work as a baker. But, she always wanted to learn music as it was her second favourite thing. Today, we'll look at how Preeti, at the age of 54, was able to pursue her passions for both music and baking.

Preeti is a happy child who grew up in a musical family. Her father is a fantastic flautist. As a result, she has always had an interest in music. As she grew older, she began to acquire a love and passion for baking. Baking quickly became her first love. But she always wanted to devote some part of her life to music.

Her love of baking, however, made her so successful that she didn't have time to learn music. She recalls being married and then moving to Bombay in her twenties. where she began her career as a chef in a company that was an international brand for Italian cuisine. Preeti loved her profession as a chef, but her main regret was not being able to devote more time to the music.

Following her success as a chef, she went on to build her own brand, 'The Diet.' This company quickly became the buzz of the town since they specialised in calorie-counted meals. This drew a large number of health-conscious food lovers to her store, keeping her busy. This little startup quickly became her full-time job, with orders flooding in.

Then the pandemic struck. Keeping us confined to our homes. Many individuals suffered, yet this was also a moment when many people reconsidered their attitudes. Preeti was one of them. As her shop closed, she recognized she had followed her passion and that it was now time to dedicate time to her second favourite thing as well.

But she had no idea where to begin. This is where Castiko helped her. She mentioned that Castiko's flexible schedule has allowed her to devote more time to the music. She said that even at the age of 54 when all of her children have settled and are busy, music keeps her happy and calm. She said music also helps her overcome her emptiness and stay joyful.

She added that Castiko has made her life easier by delivering what she loves directly to her doorstep. She is happy to be with Castiko. She never saw herself as a good singer or performing in front of an audience. But now, she's having trouble restraining herself from singing. She hums throughout the day while she bakes from home. This is how Castiko helped her in pursuing her musical interest while simultaneously pursuing her other passion as a chef.

Her advice to others is that there is no age limit for learning new things or pursuing your passion. She is delighted that she was able to meet new individuals through Castiko. Her Castiko friends now pay her visits whenever they visit Mumbai.

We at Castiko are happy to be making a difference in people's lives and are assisting them in solving their problems through music. We are grateful to be the bridge that allows individuals to develop new relationships. We are thankful that we are more than simply a place to learn music.

Come start your journey with us. Let’s together build a world full of joy and happiness with our music.

We are waiting for you.

- Vinay Maharshi.

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