The Ups and Downs - Part 2

Things started to heat up, but champions never lose their cool under pressure. That is what makes champions. They don’t do different things, they do things differently. Krishna will stand out as a result of this. Krishna was unconcerned about his competitors. His coach never warned him about his opponents. Krishna had only one ambition: to win a gold medal at the national level.

The training became increasingly difficult. The child had a few hours of sleep. He had to juggle between school and sports. He was just eight years old. This, however, never discouraged him. He kept waking up day after day with just one dream: The national medal. It just seemed almost impossible to stop the kid's motivation.

But, we can never know. He continued to hustle for a year and eventually, the districts were around the corner. He had to put more time into practice, so he needed help from his school. Luckily, his school was supportive and allowed him to skip school for his practice.

Our champion stood undefeated at the district level and showed the world that he was there to stay and build a name for himself. He finished in second place and went on to compete at the state level.

His practice became ten times more challenging, yet he continued. He was so focused on his goal that he forgot about everything else.

He had forgotten that his body had a limit, and with all of his training, he had reached it. On the first day of the skate level competition, just before the starting whistle blew; he recognised his body wasn't ready to cooperate. He couldn't even move his legs.

He eventually lost the tournament's opening race. He was heartbroken and crushed. He had never experienced defeat before. He couldn't sleep or eat because he was upset and outraged. He had been trapped doing nothing for hours. Now his body was eager to work harder. His mind was prepared to return to work and begin afresh. His body was sweltering from a 104-degree fever, but his mind was prepared. Despite having a 104-degree temperature, he returned to practise that evening.

His coach was afraid that the young boy would break down before the next race, but he had no idea that the kid was in for even more pain. The pain was the fuel to him, it made him push forward.

Two days later, he was ready and fit for his second race.

On your mark! Get set! Go …………

If you haven't read the first part of this story, then please give it a read.

-Vinay Maharshi

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