How does music trigger emotions?

Did you know that music can touch every part of your brain?

Music can make you feel relaxed and bring back old memories. Sitting on a beach watching the sunset while listening to our favorite music and remembering old times is a dream for many. Alternatively, you may go to the gym, put on some workout music, and work out. Music magically helps us in completing all our tasks.

It is believed that music provides us with the same pleasure as eating, sex, or using drugs. This is because music can release dopamine. Dopamine is where pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation come from. It can all set off a rush of other emotions as well. I am currently listening to my favorite music as I am typing this article.

My day would be incomplete if I don’t listen to music. There are lot of benefits of listening to music.

Music can trigger 13 different emotions in the human brain. Amusement, joy, eroticism, beauty, relaxation, sadness, defiance and motivation are a few of them.

Fun fact: If you're listening to music with unexpected ups and downs, your brain may experience tension and anticipation, resulting in a faster heartbeat.

Music also helps us relive memories. We all like a trip down memory lane now and then, and music may help us do just that. Musical memory is known to be the type of memory that lasts the longest in human brains. One reason for this is the fact that music activates all the parts of your brain.

I distinctly remember the first Hindi song I ever heard. It was Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hain Dil Se from Dhadkan that got released in 2000. I was travelling to Odisha with my family when my father started playing this song on the radio.

Music has the power to sync your brain to the beat of the song. This is why you might find yourself subconsciously dancing or tapping your feet to a song.

Apart from that, you may connect with a group of people that share the same musical tastes as you. This is why music bands all across the world have a lot of fan following. This is because the fans connect with the style of the music that the band plays. In my case, I am a big fan of Michael Jackson. This has helped me connect with so many people, these are the same people that are now my best friends.

Music can be used to move people. This is a truth that businesses all across the world are aware of. They use music to encourage customers to buy particular products. According to studies, certain types of music influence buyers to purchase specific things. This is a game-changer.

Music can help you boost your mood. After my first breakup, I was completely shattered, and music was the one thing that helped me get back on my feet. This is when I started listening to motivational music and this has helped me to fight back. Many others, also, use music to change their mood. Music is like a secret therapy that cures you when you are hurt.

Time flies, they say. And it's true in the case of music: time passes while you're listening to it, and you'll never know. Hours pass by and it will all feel like just a minute.

Studies have shown that even infants are moved by music. Mothers can emotionally bond with their children through music. Good music is essential for infants to develop emotions. It is suggested that infants should be kept away from negative music as it might trigger negative emotions in them.

Music can trigger certain feelings in every one of us at some point in our lives. Please leave a comment and tell us about such situations in your life.

- Vinay Maharshi

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